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Korpserape Katastrophe

As always things are going crazy at Intolerance Records, and Thanatron Studio!!!

We would like to welcome Duma Love Back from Seattle! Glad to have you back in the Midwest Duma!

We would also Like to welcome Intolerance Lee Ann on board with the Intolerance Records office staff!

If you do not yet know Intolerance Lee will soon!

On to label news...those of you that know D.J. Korpserape are already aware that he...well...has some issues lets say.

While we have done well keeping him free the last several years it is not always an easy task. Last week was a narrow escape from another undetermined sentence to a state ran Psychiatric facility.

Nothing like getting a call at 3:53 AM from the police to tell you that one of your artists has been detained for tying a rope to his ankles (not a bungee cord mind you) and jumping off of one of the highest, most driven, bridges in the county...stark naked...with a handful of roman candles and a lighter. As if that wasn't bad enough he continued to hang there upside down shooting cars and pedestrians with his pyrotechnic arsenal.

Considering his previous long term stint in a Psychiatric Hospital, that is exactly where the judge was going to send him again.

Luckily the judge was able to be persuaded otherwise, and D.J. Korpserape has already been back in the studio.

Those I-Hole subscribers that are fans of D.J. Korpserape's project (Wasteful Consumption Patterns) are encouraged to contact him on Myspace, etc., and encourage him to take his insanity out in the studio and not in public.

While some of his best work has been created while locked up, he may never get to record it as next time he will probably never be released.

Thanks in advance for your continued support of D.J. Korpserape and W.C.P.!

We will be sending another newsletter soon in regards to the special offer exclusively for I-Hole subscribers to obtain their Limited Edition ^|SiCk0|^ Prozente' T-Shirts so be on the look out!

Until next time thank you for being a fan!

Intolerance Records

Until next time...

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Intolerance Records says I-Hole subscribers be on the lookout!

Another productive and exciting week at Intolerance Records!

I have GREAT news for all of our I-Hole newsletter subscribers! If you haven't already received your prize packs for subscribing to the newsletter, you will soon!

If you are not a current I-Hole subscriber go to now to register and get in on the next contest and prize shipments!

All prize packages to current subscribers through today have been shipped, and the next wave of packages for new subscribers since that date will go out at the end of the month.

As a special surprise we have included an exclusive contest to I-Hole subscribers only in the packages sent. You will find this contest to be like nothing we've done before! Not only is the contest itself exciting and unique...but it has the largest prize packages ever offered! HUNDREDS (and I don't mean one or two!) dollars worth of prizes!

When you receive your packages please let us know. Please also give us your thoughts on the prizes received, contest, and literature included!

It is the feedback from our loyal fans that allows us to continue to be the record label that is driven by it's fans...not the politics within the industry!

In other Intolerance Records news, for those of you that have pre-ordered your limited edition ^|SiCk0|^ Prozente' shirts, they will be here this week and will be shipped as soon as they arrive! If you are not sure what I am talking about you owe it to yourself to check it out here:

Again these shirts are of limited availability and are selling fast so be sure to place your order before it is too late!

If you are a new subscriber and are asking yourself "What exactly is a ^|SiCk0|^ Prozente'?"...go ahead and crawl out from under the comfort of your rock and check it out here:

As always, we here at Intolerance Records are taking strides to bring you cutting edge industry news, the latest genre shattering music, and remain the most fan appreciative record label in this awesome industry!


Intolerance Dave
Sr. V.P.-Sales and Marketing Intolerance Records

Until next time...

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Intolerance Records "Thanatron"

It has been another exciting week here at Intolerance Records! More contests, more prizes, and more music!

Lets face it, none of us here at Intolerance Records got into this industry to make ends meet. We got into it because of our overwhelming passion for music!

When you have a passion such as this it just so happens to make your “work” fun.

That is exactly what I want to talk about tonight. We twisted people at Intolerance Records are taking the fun of this industry to the next level.

We have seen an awesome amount of people posting incredible things about what we are doing here all over the Internet. So as a means for you to get to know us on a more personable level we have created “Thanatron”.

Thanatron is a cartoon series loosely based off the staff and artists, here at Intolerance Records as well as a few unexpected guests.

Coming from the minds of Intolerance, you really have no idea what to expect next.

After reading all of the wonderful things being said about us, we feel as if we know you that much better so we decided it time for you to get to know us better.

Of course the series will include authentic Intolerance music just to make the experience that much more real.

So again we thank you for all of your support and hope you enjoy our new effort to introduce you to the people that make the magic happen as much as we are enjoying creating it for you!

As always...without you there can be no us!

To keep informed on all things Intolerance be sure to subscribe to I-Hole, our industry newsletter.

To subscribe visit us at


J. Shepherd & Intolerance Dave

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^|SiCk0|^ Twitterview still taking place!

I wanted to take a minute to touch base with everyone in regards to the upcoming Twitterview with ^|SiCk0|^ tomorrow, May 8th, at Midnight...

It is still taking place! Somehow the event was canceled on at least one social network that we know of. Not sure how this stuff happens, but wanted to clear up any confusion.

If you have read this far to find yourself still asking “What is a Twitterview”...that would be an interview conducted via Twitter.

Tomorrow night at exactly Midnight, ^|SiCk0|^ will be taking over the @IntoleranceRec Twitter account. I will open things up then turn the account over to ^|SiCk0|^ to take and answer your questions live in real time!

So again...the Twitterview is NOT canceled! It is taking place as planned!

Also in Intolerance News, Mekadoom has finished their CD which will be released soon! If you are a subscriber to I-Hole, The Intolerance Records Newsletter, you will be receiving tracks before they are released!

If you are not yet subscribed to I-Hole...why not?

As a subscriber you receive gifts just for signing up, not to mention our monthly contests where we award T-Shirts, CD's, Posters, and more as prizes.

To sign up simply go to

Until then I will see you tomorrow at Midnight!


David R. Gorby Jr. (aka Intolerance Dave)
Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing
skype: dave.gorby

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Attention Intolerant!

Hello Intolerant!


As most of you know we switched servers for our contact manager yesterday, and as anticipated the change was seamless.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience during the switch!

We just wanted to send this note out to let everyone know that the change was successful and painless, and to let you know that we did this to continue to provide the best possible service to you!

While any “problems” experienced with the last service were minor, any and all “problems” are unacceptable.

This is just another example of our preemptive efforts to prevent problems before they happen.


On to news...


We will be announcing our new contest available exclusively to I-Hole subscribers soon!

As always, it will be loaded with rare merchandise from our artists.

If you have not heard about it yet, we are taking twitter to the next level with an entirely new concept we are calling “twitterview”.

That would be an interview conducted via Twitter.

Our first artist to appear will be our German artist ^|SiCk0|^.

Watch for the official I-Hole newsletter to come out soon with detailed information on the twitterview.

Again, thank you everyone for your patronage!

Without you...there can be no us!




Intolerance Records

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Dave Gorby about this week with Intolerance Records

Another GREAT week at Intolerance Records!

Thanks to our loyal fans, we have experienced yet another week of incredible growth at Intolerance Records!

For those of you in Ohio that haven't heard, we have added a new retail location in Akron, Ohio. You can check them out here Therapy 432

Also, the response of applicants for the Sales Positions has been incredible!

Again...we Thank You!

While we are in the process of reviewing applicants, we ask that you be patient as the response was incredible, and in an effort to not overlap territories, we are only hiring one representative in each territory.

To show our appreciation to you, we are re-opening the trivia contest! What is really nice is that we are not even going to change the questions, so those of you that knew that answers but were not one of the first three...can submit your answers to win.

For those of you that didn't have the chance to compete last time, the questions are as follow:

1. In what year was Intolerance Records formed?

2. Who was the first artist signed to Intolerance Records?

3. Which Intolerance Records artist is from Germany?

Remember, only the first five to answer correctly will win!

Only entries E-Mailed to will be accepted. No entries submitted through LJ, will be forwarded for processing.

Again, thank you for supporting our artists!


David R. Gorby Jr.
Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing
skype: dave.gorby

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Intolerance Records say "Thank You" to fans

Intolerance Records would like to thank all of our loyal fans/friends for the most incredible first quarter of the year that we have had!

Allow us to assure...”You ain't seen nothin yet!”

Between our veteran artists (ie. Slugwrench, Wasteful Consumption Patterns, Drugatix, etc.), and our newer artists (ie. MekaDoom, Rowdy Gantz, Duma Love, etc.), AND our “new” artists (not tellin just yet)...there are AMAZING THINGS HAPPENING AT Intolerance Records!

If you have not yet subscribed to I-Hole (our newsletter), why not?

It costs you nothing, and we are always having cool contests. Not to mention the first insight to the newest, hottest, artists to be discovered!

To subscribe to I-Hole please visit

Thank you again for your support, and remember...without you there is no us!


Intolerance Records
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Dave Gorby site release and Duma Love

I would like to thank everyone for the AWESOME response that the site re-release has received!

I always say that with out you there is no us, and I truly mean that!

We still have a few spots open for the giveaway on the site. If you have not been there yet it is Intolerance Records or you can simply send a blank e-mail to

To say thank you for the great reception I have included a video from the newest Intolerance artist, Duma Love.

I hope you enjoy it, and thanks again!


intolerance records, techno, record label, music, dave gorby

Dave Gorby on the Launch of the new

As promised, Intolerance Records newly re-designed website will launch tonight Friday, April 10th at 12:00 A.M.!


In celebration, we will be holding a contest, as well as be giving away merchandise!!!!! We are even covering the shipping! Just our way of saying Thank You!


Here is how it will work:


  • The first 500 subscribers to I-Hole, our online Industry newsletter, will receive free stickers from our artists! Again at no cost to you whatsoever!


  • The first 100 will not only get the stickers, but also a CD from one of our artists!


  • We will also be holding a trivia contest based on our artists for “Premium Prizes”!!! 


Trivia questions for Premium Prizes will be provided upon confirmation of newsletter subscription.

The url has not changed:

We are very excited about our new artists and are looking forward to awesome things at Intolerance Records!

intolerance records, techno, record label, music, dave gorby

Intolerance 101

 As if the signing of our latest artist isn't exciting enough...the newly designed website is hours from the re-launch celebration!!!


The new merchandise is coming along incredibly well!


The new fans/friends that we have met are INCREDIBLE!!!!!


What more could a label ask for???


All I can say is keep your eyes peeled because we are doing BIG things at Intolerance Records!!!!